RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2015-#253 :: Wednesday 30 December 2015

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2015-#253
Wednesday 30 December 2015

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1. Ukrainian President Poroshenko’s approval rating drops below
ousted predecessor’s.
2. 15 terrifying images from Kiev’s 2014 Maidan revolution.
3. YouTube: Battlefield Kiev Ukraine protesters firebomb cops
4. Facebook: Ivan Katchanovski, The Maidan massacre cover-up.
5. AP: For Ukraine’s Rebel East, 2016 Promises More Tension.
6. Ukrainian frontier guards humiliate civilians.
7. Reuters: Josh Cohen, Corruption in Ukraine is so bad, a Nigerian prince
would be embarrassed.
8. Philippa Stewart, ‘People Are Walking With a Noose Around
Their Necks’: Inside Ukraine’s Huge Shadow Economy.
9. Reuters: Political feuding imperils Ukraine’s future, Obama’s record.
10. Mark Adomanis, Ukraine’s Politics are Heading
for Crisis Again.
11. Intefax-Ukraine: Ukrainian govt’s resignation would require new coalition
formation or early elections – PM Yatseniuk.
12. TASS: Ukraine finds way to implement decommunization law without extra
13. Mark Adomanis, Banning the Communists: Not a Terribly
Good Idea!
14. Igor Burdyga, Ukraine’s media: a plea for pluralism.
Ukraine’s media is caught between propaganda and counter-propaganda. We need to
stop this black and white thinking.
15. TASS: Russia-Ukraine trade turnover down 80% in 2015.
16. TASS: With loss of Russian market Ukraine’s crisis exit prospects look
17. Ukrainian ex-governor urges compliance with Minsk accords.
(Interview with Serhiy Taruta, ex-governor of Donetsk Region)
18. RIA Novosti: Putin’s aide says new appointment shows commitment to
end conflict in Ukraine.
19. Russia Insider: Alexander Mercouris, Boris Gryzlov and Ukraine: Russia
brings on a Heavy-Weight. Appointment of Boris Gryzlov to represent Russia on the
Contact Group brings a key Russian decision maker into the heart of the crisis.
20. Fort Russ: Ukraine Is In A State Of Confusion: West Adopts Russia’s
Stance on Donbass.
21. AP: Crimeans Enter 2016 Struggling, but Optimistic.
22. TASS: Russia starts laying second optical fiber cable to Crimea across
Kerch Strait – minister.
23. New York Times: Dimiter Kenarov, Ending Crimea’s Isolation.
24. Crimea recovering after decades in Ukraine’s oblivion –
Polish official.
25. BBC: Ukraine’s traumatised soldiers struggle with civilian life.
26. Daily Telegraph (UK): Inflation hits 44pc in Ukraine amid economic
collapse. War-torn economy sees prices soar as it plans to ease capital controls
following IMF bail-out.
27. Ukraine Today: Agrarian rally spreads throughout Ukraine.
28. David Marples, Ukraine’s Quest
for Survival: a Review of 2015.
29. Russia Says Ukraine Preparing Military Offensive
in Donbass.
30. Interfax-Ukraine: Situation in Kominternove remains tense, village
occupied by Russian military men.
31. Caught in the act: German state channel accused of faking
Russian soldiers in Ukraine.
32. Anti-Semitic video uploaded by Ukrainian MP branded ‘despicable
and heinous’
33. Kyiv Post: Prosecutor General’s Office says it has lots of evidence
of who killed Maidan activists.
34. Ukraine Today: Ukraine’s PM Yatsenyuk lays out 2016 goals in annual
New Year speech.
35. Having collapsed to the bottom Ukraine will stay
there for decades.
36. Tablet: Bedlam Erupts During Trial of UKROP Party Leader. The trial
of Hennadiy Korban is widely seen as a proxy conflict between oligarchs Ihor Kolomoyskyi
and Ukrainian President Poroshenko.
37. Euromaidan Press: Ukraine’s loud arrest of “Poroshenko’s main political
opponent”: what you need to know.
38. Euromaidan Press: Is Putin preparing to expand the war to Kherson?
39. UNIAN (Kyiv): Russia does not want Donbas. It wants Ukraine.
40. Erica Marat, The Problem With Ukrainian Police
Reform. Ukraine’s police are getting a much-praised makeover. But there could be
trouble down the road.
41. Ukraine: Caught Between East and West.
Jr, Investing in Ukraine’s Future.


Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia