RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2015-#232 :: Tuesday 1 December 2015

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2015-#232
Tuesday 1 December 2015

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1. TASS: Poll: more Russians say they fear terrorist attacks.
2. Russia’s efforts slowed down global warming for year – Putin.
3. Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.
4. Press statement and answers to journalists’ questions.
5. 70th session of the UN General Assembly (excerpt re climate change)
6. Russia Direct: Russia Direct Brief: ‘Global Warming: Russia Comes in from the Cold’
7. RFE/RL: Explainer: Climate Change And The View From Moscow.
8. The Nation: Stephen F. Cohen and Katrina vanden Heuvel, Coalition or Cold War with Russia? American policy-makers and presidential candidates must now make a fateful decision-join Moscow in an alliance against ISIS, or persist in treating the Kremlin as an enemy.
9. Valdai Discussion Club/Nezavisimaya Gazeta: Andrei Sushentsov, FIGHTING TERRORISM: A COMMON DENOMINATOR FOR RUSSIA AND THE WEST.
10. Rossiyskaya Gazeta: Leonid Radzikhovskiy, Chance for reset. Russia and West could open new period in their relations.
11. Paul Goble: ‘Russia’s Future Not Connected with Ukraine or Syria,’ Inozemtsev Says.
12. TASS: Russian experts say All-Russia People’s Front no rival for ruling party.
13. Carnegie Moscow Center: Andrey Pertsev, Where Does the Truck Stop? Russia’s New Social Protests.
14. Moscow Times: Russia’s HIV Situation ‘Epidemic’ – Rospotrebnadzor.
15. Kenneth Rapoza, Russia Business Sentiment Stinks
16. Russia Direct: Top 10 Russian foreign policy moves in November, ranked. The downing of the Russian warplane by Turkey and a terrorist attack against the civilian Russian airliner flying over Egypt were the most important events of the month for Russian foreign policy.
17. Russia Direct: Russian media on Turkey’s downing of Su-24 and Crimean blackout. Russia Direct presents its weekly media roundup, with a focus on Turkey’s downing of the Russian fighter jet, Hollande’s visit to Moscow, and the Crimean blackout.
18. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Combating ISIS from within. Officials look for ways to stop the influence of Islamic State along Russia’s southern borders.
19. Interfax: Putin regrets deterioration of relations with Turkey.
20. Reuters: Obama urges Turkey to reduce tensions with Russia.
21. Sputnik: Putin: Obama and I Have Common Understanding of Next Steps in Syria.
22. M K Bhadrakumar, Russia, Turkey moving to ease tensions.
23. Kenneth Rapoza, Turkey Picked The Wrong Fight With Russia.
24. Russia has ‘more proof’ ISIS oil routed through Turkey, Erdogan says he’ll resign if it’s true.
25. Middle East Eye: Gareth Porter, The real reason for Turkey’s shoot-down of the Russian jet.
26. Russia Insider: Alexander Mercouris, Putin Piles on the Pressure With Claim Turkey Shot Down Su-24 to Protect ISIS Oil Sales. Causing President Erdogan to talk of resignation and Obama to demand that Turkey close its border with Syria – did Russian diplomacy just turn the Su-24 incident to Moscow’s strategic advantage?
27. Wall Street Journal: NATO Ministers Discuss Measures to Defend Turkish Airspace. Meeting of NATO foreign ministers follows last week’s shooting down of Russian jet.
28. The National Interest: Rajan Menon, Russia’s Downed Plane Distracts From Syria’s Real Challenges. Russia and Turkey have irreconcilable differences in Syria, and the parties they back are determined to destroy one another.
29. Gordon Hahn, Washington Post Urges More Jihadi Chaos.
30. The Independent (UK): Robert Fisk, David Cameron, there aren’t 70,000 moderate fighters in Syria – and whoever heard of a moderate with a Kalashnikov, anyway?
31. Patrick Smith, Putin has bested them all: How has the Russian leader gotten the better of Clinton, Bush and Obama? Watching Trump beat his chest about how he’d force Putin to his will is a reminder that Putin’s had his way with us.
32. The Kremlin Stooge: Mark Chapman, Violence Once Removed: War Through the Languid Filter of Bored Academia.
33. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with Russian and foreign media, Moscow, November 25, 2015.


34. Ukraine Today: Ukrainian volunteer battalions train for ‘Russian takeover of Kyiv’
35. AFP: With fighting easing, landmines still haunt east Ukraine.
36. Washington Post: On Ukraine’s front lines, U.S.-supplied equipment is falling apart.
37. Anna Nemtsova, Ukraine’s Ultra-Right Cuts the Lights on Crimea. Ukrainian activists, including the far right, are blowing up power lines in the Russian-occupied peninsula and risking an even greater confrontation between Kiev and Moscow.
38. TASS: State of emergency over Crimean power blackout to last until New Year – leader.
39. Reuters: Grim reality sets in for Ukraine wheat crop.
40. TASS: Ukrainian MP accuses Saakashvili of extortion, racketeering in Odessa.
41. Kyiv Post: Yatsenyuk ally says he will resign from parliament amid corruption scandal.
42. Atlantic Council: Anders Aslund, Ukraine Two Years After Euromaidan: What Has Been Accomplished?
43. Maxim Eristavi, ‘I’m gay in Ukraine and my country despises me.’ Ukraine’s crisis is not just military and political, it is social and cultural.
44. Bloomberg: Banks Too Big to Sanction as War Wrecks Russia’s Ukraine Ties.
45. Jack Losh, Did the Islamic State Go Shopping For Weapons in Ukraine?
46. Intersection: Pavel Kazarin, There will be no reconciliation. Why Kyiv and Moscow will be unable to forget about the war.
47. The Economist: Russia and the West. Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s widow on what went wrong.


Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia