RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2015-#184 :: Tuesday 22 September 2015

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2015-#184
Tuesday – 22 September 2015

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1. Moscow Times: Russia to Conduct ‘Micro-Census’ in October.
2. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Poll: Most Russians do not want to live in Moscow.
3. Irrussianality: Paul Robinson, THE LIMITS OF KREMLINOLOGY.
4. Russia Direct: The cleansing of the Russian elite and another opposition rally in Moscow. Media Roundup: The Russian media focused on the potential implications of a new political corruption scandal, Greece’s snap parliamentary elections, Europe’s refugee crisis, and reports about Russian troops in Syria.
5. Bloomberg: Leonid Bershidsky, A Loyal Governor Feels Putin’s Wrath.
6. Moscow Times: Russian Senator Introduces Bill Criminalizing Pro-Stalin Propoganda.
7. Moscow Times: Vladimir Ryzhkov, Attitude to Stalin Reveals Russia’s Considerable Divide.
8. TASS: Putin calls situation in Russian economy “complicated but not critical”
9. Sputnik: Russian Economy Worthy of Investment Grade: Fitch Ratings Boss.
10. Moscow Times: After the Boom: Moscow Malls Struggle With Fewer Customers.
11. Sputnik: Russian Economy Needs to Lower Dependence on Oil Prices – Putin.
12. TASS: Passions run high over need for virtual money in Russia.
13. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Home comforts: Russians learn to love the staycation. Holiday trends: A fall in outbound tourism by almost 34 percent was the steepest for 20 years, according to the Russian Travel Industry Union. RBTH takes a closer look at the figures.
14. TASS: Russia nominates Mikhalkov’s Sunstroke for Oscar.
15. Moscow Times: Moscow’s Amfest Film Festival Goes Off the Beaten Track.
16. TASS: Valery Gergiyev: Sometimes people think they are holding a magic wand. Artistic and general director of the State Academic Mariinsky Theater in TASS special project Top Officials. (lengthy interview)
17. Interfax: Moscow concerned by plans to modernize U.S. nuclear weapons in Germany.
18. TASS: New Russian ICBM missile to be shown to US inspectors in November – source.
19. Valdai Discussion Club: Alexander Sergunin and Valery Konyshev, Russia and the U.S. in the Arctic: A New Confrontation or Damage Limitation?
20. Russia Direct: Alexei Fenenko, 25 years after reunification, Germany must make tough choice about Russia. The Ukrainian crisis has aggravated Russian-German relations. This impacts negatively not only the situation of Russia but also the status of Germany in international politics.
21. The Unz Review: Eric Margolis, Russian Mouse Threatens U.S. Elephant.
22. TASS: Russia, US to create precedent for interaction over Syria, struggle with IS. (Sergey Rogov)
23. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Dmitry Babich, Build a coalition to save Syria. The current East-West crisis is the worst of all options in the face of the ISIS threat.
24. Russia Beyond the Headlines/Rossiyskaya Gazeta: Lack of common cause risks handing Syria to ISIS. Political analyst Fyodor Lukyanov discusses why there is no united front in the struggle against ISIS.
25. Rossiyskaya Gazeta: Russian experts, politicians comment on Syrian president’s interview.
26. Moscow Times: Why Russia Is Expanding Its Naval Base in Syria.
27. The Unz Review: Anatoly Karlin, Syrian Civil War 101.
28. The National Interest: Paul Pillar, Russian Involvement and a Redirection of Policy on Syria.
29. Mark Adomanis, Why Russia’s Intervention in Syria Is Doomed to Failure.
30. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Russian diplomat interviewed on proliferation and arms control. (Mikhail Ulyanov)


31. BBC: Ukraine health officials fear big polio outbreak.
32. Reuters: Ukraine rebels offer to postpone local vote: separatist website.
33. Wall Street Journal: NATO Expands Cooperation With Ukraine, Support for Its Armed Forces. Ukrainian officials make clear the country intends to pursue membership of the western alliance.
34. Current Politics in Ukraine: David Marples, PEACE AT LAST IN UKRAINE? ANALYZING RUSSIAN GOALS.
35. Fort Russ: Sakadynsky: “Things are worse in Ukraine than in the 1990’s”
36. In war-torn Ukraine, a ghost town begins to rebuild.
37. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Russia refuses to accept ‘restructuring’ of Ukrainian debt. The Kremlin is refusing to accept proposals by Kiev to restructure $3 billion worth of bonds and demands full payment on the debt. Experts point out that this is an economic as well as a political issue and it could become a bargaining chip in the ongoing negotiations over a bilateral gas deal.
38. Justin Raymond, Ukraine’s ‘Democratic’ Dictatorship. They’re banning journalists, books, movies, and even actors.
39. AP: Ukraine’s Richest Man Plays Both Sides of War’s Frontline. (Rinat Akhmetov)
40. Business New Europe: Commander-in-Chief Poroshenko’s shipyard to play key role in rebuilding Ukraine’s navy.
41. Sputnik: Russian PM Approves Railroad Which Bypasses Ukraine.
42. UN special rapporteur on torture issues sharply critical report on Ukraine.
43. Kyiv Post: Paper chase: One US businessman’s story shows a lot has yet to change in post-Maidan Ukraine.
44. Australian Broadcasting Company: Russia’s foreign legion: Hundreds of fighters join pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine.
45. Magazine (Israel): The Israeli mother who went to fight Nazism in Ukraine.
46. New Eastern Outlook: American Risks Life, Limb and Citizenship to Fight Fascists in Ukraine.

Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia