RUSSIA & UKRAINE: Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2015-#113 :: Tuesday 9 June 2015

Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2015-#113
Tuesday 9 June 2015

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1. Moscow Times: 11 Russian Superstitions (Because We Were Scared to Do 13).
2. The Guardian (UK): Shaun Walker, Is the ‘Moscow experiment’ over? The plan was to create a new type of city that answered the needs of Moscow’s creative middle classes. But did the exit of Sergei Kapkov, the culture minister who ushered in these changes, also signal the end of the city’s urban revival?
3. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Skolkovo initiative could give new boost to Russian startups. On June 2-3, 2015 a major event was held at the Startup Village at Skolkovo Innovation Center in Moscow. The initiative has the potential to stimulate the development of Russia’s startup environment.
4. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Russia’s middle class unrepresented in politics, says report.
5. Vedomosti: Paper sums up foreign deputy prime minister’s suggestions on economy. (Kudrin)
6. Moscow Times: Beleaguered Russian Science Foundation Dynasty Delays Decision on Closure.
7. Russia Direct: Escalation in Donbas, the ruble’s new decline and Poroshenko. Media Roundup: Last week, the Russian media focused on the renewed escalation of tensions in the Donbas, the ruble’s decline, and the first anniversary of Petro Poroshenko’s presidency.
8. Christian Science Monitor: Anna Mulrine and Fred Weir, NATO and Russia aren’t talking to each other. Cold war lessons forgotten? Several times during the cold war, miscommunication almost led to nuclear conflict. Now, amid tensions over Ukraine, Russia and the West are showing a new failure to communicate.
9. TASS: Russia does not intend to breach Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty – Lavrov.
10. TASS: Military analysts: West embarks on dangerous path of ruining nuclear deterrence.
11. RIA Novosti: Russia sets out what it wants from USA, NATO, EU in new foreign policy document.
12. The National Interest: Andrew Bowen, Russia’s Deceptively Weak Military. “Despite the technical improvements and selective increase in operational capability, the Russian military remains a shadow of its perceived capability.”
13. The National Interest: Zachary Keck, America Sends Nuclear Bombers to Russia’s Doorstep.
14. Reuters: Obama Says Putin on Doomed Drive to Recreate Soviet Glories.
15. The White House: Remarks by President Obama in Press Conference after G7 Summit.(excerpts)
16. Russia Insider: Danielle Ryan, The Lights Are on in Washington, but Nobody’s Home. Barack Obama claims that Putin is trying to “recreate the glories of the Soviet empire”. The question is whether this is a genuine misunderstanding or a more purposeful and politically expedient one.
17. Wall Street Journal: Bret Stephens, How To Take Down Putin.
18. Brookings Institution: Pavel Baev, Russia is not strong. And Putin is even weaker.
19. Sputnik: Now It’s Official: Western Support is Essential for Regime Change. (Stratfor)
20. Vestnik Kavkaza: How could relations between Russia and the West change? (Andrei Sidorov)
21. Izvestia: West launches new “propaganda campaign” against Russia – speaker. (Sergey Naryshkin)
22. Moscow Times: Kevin Ryan, Future Is Bleak for U.S.-Russian Relationship.
23. Moscow Times: Andrew Monaghan, West Must Get Real, There’s No ‘New Cold War’
25. Robert Parry, Cold War II to McCarthyism II. Exclusive: With Cold War II in full swing, the New York Times is dusting off what might be called McCarthyism II, the suggestion that anyone who doesn’t get in line with U.S. propaganda must be working for Moscow.
26. Jim Kovpak, Kremlin Whores, Kremlin Whores Everywhere!
27. Harpers Magazine: Christopher Beha, Part of the Problem. Jonathan Chait’s flawed attack on David Bromwich’s critique of Barack Obama’s presidency.


28. Vitaly Dudin, Ukraine’s labour reforms threaten workers’ rights. The oligarchs have joined forces to railroad a new labour code that strips Ukrainian workers of their already modest rights.
29. Russia Insider: Alexander Mercouris, Crushing Gays and Maidan 3.0: How Right Wing Gang Violence Works in Ukraine. Maidan regime obliged to tolerate violence of far right groups it depends on to suppress its enemies.
30. Kyiv Post: Tent camp set up by mysterious group attacked by thugs.
31. TASS: Ukraine government steering country into political and economic default – opposition.
32. Wall Street Journal: Anger Grows Behind Rebel Lines as Ukraine Limits Access. Long waits at checkpoints deter crossings; food, medical supplies run short.
33. TASS: Donetsk, Luhansk self-proclaimed republics ready to remain part of Ukraine.
34. Russia Direct: James Carden, New escalation of violence in Donbas: the end of Minsk agreements? Despite disturbing signs that there has been an uptick in violence in eastern Ukraine, the Minsk 2 ceasefire is unlikely to collapse for now. But sooner or later, Kiev will have to come to the negotiating table.
35. Russia Direct: Pavel Verkhniatskyi, The military escalation in Donbas leaves Minsk agreements in limbo. There are three major reasons to fear the collapse of the Minsk agreements, especially if there is a continued offensive by either side that goes well beyond the clashes at Marinka on June 3.
36. Owen Matthews, Russia’s Ukrainian Retreat.
37. Paul Goble: Regarding Ukraine, Putin’s Actions Undercut Putin’s Arguments, ‘Nezavisimaya Gazeta’ Says.
38. Russia Insider: Alexander Mercouris, G7 and Sanctions: Doubling Down on a Failed Policy. The G7 summit ends with a demand to extend sanctions which are achieving none of the objectives for which they were imposed.
39. Ukraine Today: White House: No US supplies of offensive weapons to Ukraine.
40. Mark Adomanis, Yes, the West Should Probably Help Ukraine, But, No, It Probably Won’t.
41. Russia Insider: The Western Backed Assault on Donbass Shattered My IIlusion of Living in a Compassionate, Humanist Society. Vera Graziadei on how the seeing the west provoke and encourage carnage in her native Ukraine has led to her eyes opening to the phonines of western pretentions to maintaining morally-superior, liberal-humanist societies.
42. Interfax: Ukraine defending Europe, world order, says Yatsenyuk.
43. Washington Post: Arseniy Yatsenyuk, What is at stake in Ukraine if Russia continues its onslaught.
44. Sputnik: Yatsenyuk Pledges to Reclaim Crimea, Donbass, Pleads for Washington’s Help.
45. Bloomberg: Ukraine Must Seek New Russia Gas Deal as Military Tensions Rise.
46. Interfax-Ukraine: Gazprom: gas transit through Ukraine to end after 2019, come what may.
47. Reuters: Russia ramps up motor fuel sales to Ukraine, regardless of conflict.


Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion