RUSSIA & UKRAINE: Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2015-#112 :: Monday 8 June 2015

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2015-#112
Monday 8 June 2015

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1. Russia Beyond the Headlines: The Russian dacha: Yesterday’s gift, today’s breathing space.
2. ‘Russia would attack NATO only in mad person’s dream’ – Putin.
3. International Business Times: Vladimir Putin Urges Donetsk And Luhansk To Remain Part Of Ukraine.
4. Moscow Times: Putin: ‘We Have Never Viewed Europe as a Mistress’
5. Interview to the Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera.
6. Interfax: Peak of inflation has passed, but risks remain – Nabiullina.
7. Business New Europe: Mark Adomanis, Russia mines a richer seam. Amidst all of the doom and gloom in Russia’s economy, some of the large metals and mining companies had a surprisingly good 2014.
8. Russia Insider: Alexander Mercouris, Russia’s Recession: A Necessary Re-Balancing.
9. Moscow protesters rally against budget cuts in science, education.
10. Sputnik: Undercover Agent Helped Nab Suspects in Nemtsov’s Murder – Report.
11. Ekho Moskvy (Moscow): Russian journalism experiencing “difficult period”, says liberal columnist. (Oleg Kashin)
12. Russia Direct: Sergey Markedonov, Troublesome Chechnya: A sign of Russia’s stability or weakness? The more that Ramzan Kadyrov becomes a national political figure in Russia, the more the questions will persist about Kadyrov’s and Chechnya’s special relationship with the Kremlin.
13. Moskovskiy Komsomolets: Nikita Krichevskiy: Gref, Shuvalov, and Kudrin – Contenders for the Premier’s Chair?
14. Interfax: Russians like Belarus and China, have aversion to U.S., EU and Ukraine – poll.
15. Rossiyskaya Gazeta: Sergei Karaganov, A 21st Century Vienna Concert.
16. Russia Beyond the Headlines/Rossiyskaya Gazeta: China and Russia plan greater Eurasian integration – Expert. (Karaganov)
17. Moscow Times: Ian Ivory, Russia Pivots East, Or Does It?
18. TASS: US missiles in Europe might add chill to new edition of Cold War.
19. Reuters: With eye on U.S. election, Republicans assail Russia’s Putin.
20. Bryan MacDonald, Russia has better things to do than start WW3.
21. The National Interest: Jacob Heilbrunn, Can U.S.-Russia Relations Be Repaired?
22. PONARS Eurasia: Ivan Kurilla To Thomas Graham: We Should Understand Russian History Differently.
23. Wall Street Journal: Defense Chief: Subversion, ‘Big Lie’ Are in Russia’s Arsenal. Ash Carter favors more military exercises, better intelligence sharing.
24. Washington Post: Steven Mufson, At G-7 meeting, Obama’s primary task is confronting his Putin problem.
25. Russia Insider: Danielle Ryan, Russophobia Exists, but Overusing the Term Is Counterproductive.


26. Kyiv Post: Anti-gay extremists violently break up gay pride march in Kyiv; several injured, many arrests.
27. The New Yorker: Masha Gessen, The Assault on Kiev Pride.
28. Sputnik: Poroshenko-Right Sector Rift Over ‘Gay Safari’ Imminent – Ukrainian Experts.
29. Masked attackers break up tent camp on Kiev’s Maidan, protest leader ‘arrested’
30. Moscow Times: No Peaceful End in Sight for Ukraine, Analysts Say.
31. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Accusations fly as clashes in Donbass threaten to reignite war.
32. U.S. Trains Ukrainian Forces on Russia’s Doorstep – And Moscow Isn’t Happy.
33. Business New Europe: Ben Aris, KYIV BLOG: A break in the clouds over Ukraine’s future.
34. ‘Impeach Poroshenko!’ Massive anti-govt rally held in central Kiev.
35. Kenneth Rapoza, Ukraine’s ‘War Rumors’ Pull Rug Out From Russia.
36. Moscow Times: Josh Cohen, Poroshenko Is Taking a Gamble on Saakashvili.
37. The Unz Review: Anatoly Karlin, Saakashvili’s Legend, A Con for the Ages.
38. Moscow Times: Vladimir Frolov, Will Transdnestr Crisis Force Russia Into War?
39. Izvestia: Aleksandr Chalenko, Transnistria in The Gun Sights; Journalist Aleksandr Chalenko on What Saakashvili’s Arrival in Odesa Portends.
40. Interfax-Ukraine: Ukraine’s Luhansk governor cuts off water supply to rebel-held territory.
41. Pro-Kiev battalion commander: “99% of people I know in Donbass have come to hate Ukraine by now.” (from Kyiv’s “Shuster Live”)
42. RussEurope: Jacques Sapir, Ukraine: what remains of Minsk?
43. The Unz Review: Anatoly Karlin, Novorossiya Sitrep June 5, 2015.
44. Kyiv Post: Moskal sends prosecutors list of 65 crimes committed by Aidar Battalion.
45. Anna Nemtsova, Want to Get Really Mad About Ukraine? Watch Russian TV. The daily diet of the Kremlin’s ‘weaponized propaganda’ is not all lies-and it’s heating up Russians’ outrage over the war in Ukraine and the West’s role.
46. Reuters: History becomes a weapon in Russia-West rift over Ukraine.
47. Wall Street Journal: Anne Applebaum, Ukraine’s Most Hopeful City: Lviv. In Lviv, the conflict with Russia can feel far away.


Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion