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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2021-#1 :: Sunday, 3 January 2021
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1. New Year Address to the Nation –
2. New York Times: ‘Not everyone is at the New Year’s table now’: Putin laments the virus’s grip on Russia.
3. Intellinews: Putin’s popularity slips slightly to 65%, but 2020 crises burnished the government’s image
4. TASS: Russia enters New Year by rolling out administrative reform –
5. TASS: Kommersant: Public turning off the news media over coronavirus bombardment.
6. Moscow Times: Felix Light, Russia in 2021: As Climate Crisis Rages, Scientists Fear the Worst Is Yet to Come. The world’s largest country faces an accelerating emergency as warming weather sparks more environmental disasters with ever more damaging consequences.
7. ABCNews: Russia’s Bolshoi Ballet show goes on despite pandemic.
8. Moscow Times: Mark Galeotti, Russia in 2021: Whitewashing Cliffs and Placing Sandbags. In an increasingly unpredictable world, the Kremlin is choosing to go on the defensive.
9. Paul Goble: ‘Putin in the Bunker’ Accurate Picture of New Political Reality in Russia, Stanovaya Says.
10. Meduza: The latest case against Mr. Navalny . Meduza breaks down the evidence, or lack thereof, presented by federal investigators against Russia’s top oppositionist.
11. Russia Observer: Patrick Armstrong, RUSSIAN FEDERATION SITREP 31 DECEMBER 2020 –
12. Bloomberg: Russia 2020 Output at Lowest in Nearly a Decade.
13. Relations between Russia & China at ‘historic high’ after ‘once-in-century epidemic,’ says Chinese foreign minister –
14. Gabriel Gavin, Joe Biden’s Russia conundrum: Will the incoming US president work to relax tensions or double down on hostile approach to Moscow? ––tension-approach-moscow/
15. Twitter: Michael McFaul: “Putin’s dictatorship”
16. New York Times: As Understanding of Russian Hacking Grows, So Does Alarm.
17. TASS: US ‘goes haywire’ with idea of its exceptionalism, Russian diplomat says.
18. Scott Ritter, Will relations between old adversaries the US & Russia improve under Biden? No, they’ll only get worse. –
20. Carnegie Moscow Center: Dmitri Trenin, Respect Thy Neighbor: Russia and the Baltic Region. Russia and its Baltic Sea neighbors could start repairing their badly broken relationship on a common basis of neighborliness. This would fall far short of partnership, but it would end unchecked hostility.
21. Gilbert Doctorow, The Russian Booker Prize for Literature –
22. The Grayzone: Stephen F. Cohen on Russia’s democratization and how US meddling undermines it –

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