RIA Novosti: Putin’s aide accuses Ukrainian security service of being US puppets

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(RIA Novosti – Moscow, July 6, 2014) The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) is a criminal organization operating under full American control, Russian [presidential adviser,] economist, politician and RAN [Russian Academy of Sciences] member Sergey Glazyev has told RIA Novosti commenting of the opening of a criminal case against him.

Earlier, there were media reports that the SBU had opened a criminal case against Glazyev under Article [436] of the Ukrainian Criminal Code on “public calls for military conflicts”.

According to Glazyev, there is nothing unexpected in this decision “because the SBU performs essentially the same function in Ukraine today as that performed by the Gestapo in Nazi Germany”. “The SBU today is a criminal organization and its leadership is fully controlled by US intelligence agencies. That is to say, this is an organization that creates lawlessness in Ukraine, commits crimes against the people of Ukraine,” the agency’s interlocutor said.

He noted that the leadership of the SBU, “as is known, is directing the punitive operation in the south-east of the country” and these people are guilty of mass killings of Ukrainian citizens and of organizing these mass killings. “There is no question of legal methods or legal culture,” Glazyev said.

Besides, he stressed that “we need to worry not about how and against whom they open criminal cases but about victims, whose number is in thousands already”. “It would be fully logical, based on extensive evidence given by citizens, to classify the SBU as a terrorist organization. Essentially, it is a criminal terrorist organization that operates lawlessly in Ukraine against its own citizens,” Glazyev summed up.

[In a later report by RIA Novosti on the same day, Glazyev was quoted as saying: “essentially, the SBU is a weapon of the USA”. He accused the United States of “unleashing a war” in Ukraine in order to “to solve its economic and political problems at the expense of Europeans”.

Glazyev also urged the Russian leadership not to ignore statements by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Defence Minister Valeriy Heletey in which they, according to Glazyev, “talk about their desire to attack Russia” and “the conquest of Crimea as the main national idea of their power”.]