Reform of Russian Academy of Sciences to have no negative impact on employees – Putin

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(Interfax – GOGLAND ISLAND, Leningrad region, July 15, 2013) The reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences will have no negative impact on the work of the institute’s employees, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

“Actually, nothing will change for those, who work in institutes,” Putin said on Monday when answering questions of participants of the archeological expedition Gogland 2013.

Institutes will be just as they were but with “more direct financing, and that’s it” after they start reporting to a special agency, Putin said.

Academician Yevgeny Primakov was the one to draw attention to the unacceptability of liquidating the Russian Academy of Sciences, which was in the initial reform bill draft, Putin said. “We have retreated from this, honestly speaking, I have not even gone into details but when Primakov said that it was there and it was unacceptable, it was removed,” Putin said.

“It concerns the fact that the Academy of Sciences will remain a state establishment as it was but a part of the property is simply given to the agency being established again,” the Russian president said.