NEWSWATCH: “Why this round of expulsions may bring U.S., Russia to breaking point” – Christian Science Monitor/Fred Weir

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“… the biggest mass expulsion of Russian diplomats from the US in history, exceeding even the most bitter episodes of the old cold war. … amplified by allegations of espionage … may … represent a breaking point in … an increasingly fragile US-Russian relationship. … experts say the 60 Russians being kicked out of the U.S. amid a show of Western anti-Russian solidarity over the Skripal affair may signal the end of any functional diplomacy between the two countries. * * * there remain a few dwindling channels of communication. Russian and US military establishments appear to be still coordinating effectively in Syria. The controversial visit of three Russian intelligence chiefs to Washington … suggests [respective intelligence agencies] are still able to talk to each other about common challenges like terrorism. … the fraying nuclear arms control regime has its own apparatus for verification and dispute resolution that is still functioning.”

Click here for: “Why this round of expulsions may bring US, Russia to breaking point; The expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats from the US and the anticipated retaliation in kind from Moscow is expected to fuel hostile narratives and heighten public suspicions, leaving dwindling channels of communication. Allegations of espionage seem likely to lengthen the rupture.” – Christian Science Monitor/Fred Weir