NEWSWATCH: “THE G-20 SUMMIT: AFTERWORD” – Angela Stent/ Valdai

File Photo of Country Flags Outside 2017 G20 Meeting in Hamburg, adapted from image at

“… The main focus inside the United States was the meeting with President Putin, which lasted over two hours, much longer than anticipated. There was great anticipation about what this first meeting might produce …. Resumption of relations has been delayed by the domestic debate in the United States about Russia’s actions during the 2016 election campaign.

It turned out to be a productive meeting in which most of the major issues between the United States and Russia were raised, discussed and over which there was agreement to begin talks on a number of key issues. These include achieving a ceasefire in Syria and creating safe zones; launching a working group to explore an agreement on cyber rules of the road; and seeking a settlement in Ukraine. (The United States has just appointed Ambassador Kurt Volcker as special envoy for Ukraine, and he will negotiate with Russia). …”

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