NEWSWATCH: “Putin’s Russia: Down But Not Out.” – Foreign Affairs [issue table of contents with links]

File Photo of Kremlin Tower, St. Basil's, Red Square at Night

Foreign Affairs
May/June 2016 issue

Putin’s Russia
Down But Not Out
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Russia’s Perpetual Geopolitics
Putin Returns to the Historical Pattern
Stephen Kotkin

Russian Politics Under Putin
The System Will Outlast the Master
Gleb Pavlovsky

Russia’s Constrained Economy
How the Kremlin Can Spur Growth
Sergei Guriev

The Revival of the Russian Military
How Moscow Reloaded
Dmitri Trenin

Putin’s Foreign Policy
The Quest to Restore Russia’s Rightful Place
Fyodor Lukyanov

How Putin Silences Dissent
Inside the Kremlin’s Crackdown
Maria Lipman

Why Putin Took Crimea
The Gambler in the Kremlin
Daniel Treisman