NEWSWATCH: “Don’t Fear the Russians” – New York Times/Anatol Lieven

Aerial Photo of Pentagon and Environs

Writing in the New York Times, Anatol Lieven argues for greater U.S.-Russian engagement on Ukraine and Syria.

If you believe many of the commentators and policy makers in Washington … Putin … is an expansionist on the march. … he annexed Crimea and fueled a destabilizing conflict in eastern Ukraine. … intervened in the Syrian civil war and rescued his client … al-Assad … Ashton B. Carter … secretary of defense, indicated … that Russia is the world’s greatest threat to American national security, ahead of … North Korea and … the Islamic State.
* * *

American leaders have repeatedly demonstrated that they have no intention of fighting Russia in order to defend Ukraine. … if the United States does not intend to fight, does it not make more sense to try to cooperate with Russia? On Syria, the United States and Russia have congruent aims. … Putin has signaled clearly that his country wants to cooperate. It’s time for Washington to respond ….

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