NEWSLINK: What the Papers Say, Feb. 14, 2014

Collage of Russian Newspapers

[“What the Papers Say, Feb. 14, 2014” – The Moscow Times/BBC Monitoring –]

The Moscow Times and BBC Monitoring parse the latest news from Russian print newspapers.

Nezavisimaya Gazeta

1. Sergei Neverov article headlined “People’s support is priority” says that today the State Duma is to pass in the third reading a bill on elections to the State Duma based on the concept proposed by President Putin; pp 1-2 (734 words).

2. Ivan Rodin article headlined “Filter for newcomers across entire vertical” looks at the obstacles the amendments to the law on elections to the State Duma create for small parties; pp 1, 3 (821 words).

3. Mikhail Sergeyev article headlined “United Russia preparing amnesty for migrants” says that head of the State Duma Committee for Economic Policy Igor Rudensky has called for sorting out the mess in the migration policy and has proposed declaring a migration amnesty; pp 1, 4 (921 words).

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