Law on “foreign agent” NGOs does not work, has “large psychological effect” – Fedotov

Mikhail Fedotov file photo

MOSCOW. Feb 6 (Interfax) – The law on “foreign agent” NGOs has not had a legal effect as yet, Presidential Human Rights Council Chairman Mikhail Fedotov told a press conference at Interfax.

“The law in its current form has had a psychological rather than legal effect,” he noted.

Not a single organization has been registered as a foreign agent, Fedotov said.

“An organization from Chuvashia had tried to get registered, but the Justice Ministry checked it and decided that the organization was not a foreign agent because it was not engaged in politics. Hence, it was denied registration as a foreign agent,” Fedotov said.

The law has been developed poorly, he said.

“The Council proposed amendments; not all of them were accepted and endorsed but some were added to the law,” Fedotov said.