JRL E-Mail Newsletter Table of Contents :: Johnson’s Russia List 2013-#61 – 3 April 2013

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Johnson’s Russia List :: 2013-#61 :: 3 April 2013
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1. Moscow Times/BBC Monitoring: What the Papers Say, Apr. 3, 2013.
2. National Public Radio: Once Championed By Putin, Medvedev Falls Precipitously Out Of Favor.
3. Christian Science Monitor: Fred Weir, Is Putin trading his own party for a new power base?
4. Moscow Times: Putin Ramps Up Declaration Requirements.
5. ITAR-TASS: RUSSIAN PRESS REVIEW. Spending and incomes of officials to be controlled personally by RF President.
6. Financial Times: Putin decree targets elite’s foreign assets.
7. ITAR-TASS: Putin deals another powerful blow against corruption.
8. Interfax: Ombudsman Lukin asks NGOs to assess their inspections by law enforcement.
9. Moscow Times: Courts and Prisons the Focus of Human Rights Complaints.
10. Interfax: Ombudsman Lukin calls for freeing Pussy Riot members on parole.
11. AFP: Trial of Russia opposition leader Navalny to begin April 17.
12. Vedomosti: Official Caucasus Policy Seen Based on Divisive Friend-Foe Preferences. (Denis Sokolov)
13. Moscow Times: Sequel on Vampires Puts Spotlight on Kremlin Opposition.
14. www.opendemocracy.net: Tom Rowley, All dissidents now: Russia’s protests and the mirror of history.
15. International Herald Tribune: Vladislav Shayman, A Typical Russian Tale.


16. ITAR-TASS: Medvedev approves state program Economic Development and Innovation Economy.
17. Interfax: Arrival of effective owners a must in privatization – Medvedev.
18. RIA Novosti: Russian Economic Slowdown A Worry, But Is No Recession – First Deputy PM.
19. RIA Novosti: Putin’s Top Bank Nominee Urges Growth Model Rethink.
20. www.russiatoday.com: Russia’s labor market ‘practically illegitimate’, 38mn work in shadow economy.
21. Business New Europe/RAPSI: US says corruption hampers foreign investment in Russia.
22. New York Times: Ben Judah, Did Putin Sink Cyprus?
23. Moskovskiy Komsomolets Russian Commentator Views Cyprus Crisis, Russia’s Non-European Nature. (Stanislav Belkovskiy)
24. Moscow Times: Yulia Latynina, A Sharp Ruble Devaluation Is Inevitable.
25. Svobodnaya Pressa: Russian Economists Comment on Proposals for Use of Country’s Oil, Gas Revenues.
26. Wall Street Journal: Moscow Business Complex Sees Rebirth.
27. ITAR-TASS: RUSSIAN PRESS REVIEW. Nord Stream enlargement to begin in the Netherlands.
28. The Voice of Russia: The Economist’s failed assault on Gazprom.


29. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation: Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Policy Philosophy.
30. Interfax: Russia, China should convert political understanding into specific cooperation results – Russian deputy foreign minister.
31. Reuters: Russian, U.S. ambassadors call for action to mend strained ties.
32. RIA Novosti: US Ambassador to Moscow McFaul: Learning to be Less Clear.
33. Interfax: U.S. ready for preventive nuclear strike on Russia – former General Staff Chief.
34. Moscow Times: Alexander Golts, North Korea and Russia Flex Their Muscles.
35. Business New Europe: Russia refuses to sign on UN conventional arms treaty renewal.
36. ITAR-TASS: Russia’s weapons exports increase 12 percent to 15 billion dollars in 2012 – Putin.
37. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: Pavel Podvig, Shooting down the Star Wars myth.
38. Interfax: West adjusts ‘Libyan scenario’ to Syria – Pushkov.
39. Interfax: Afghan heroin claims over 1 mln lives since NATO operation began in 2001 – Russian drug control chief.
40. RFE/RL: Low Life Expectancy Continues To Plague Former Soviet Countries.