Johnson’s Russia List JRL 2015-#54 :: Tuesday 17 March 2015

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Johnson’s Russia List JRL 2015-#54 :: Tuesday 17 March 2015
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1. Business New Europe: Graham Stack, Debaltseve counts its dead – and blames Ukraine.
2. Reuters: Fighting rages near Donetsk airport despite Ukraine ceasefire.
3. Interfax: DPR accuses Kyiv of imitating peace process.
4. Sputnik: Kiev Withdraws Heavy Arms, Ready to Deliver Humanitarian Aid to Donbas.
5. Paul Robinson, WHAT PALACE COUP?
6. Bryan MacDonald, Putin looking very well for a man who died last week.
7. Russia Insider: Patrick Armstrong, The Great Putin Disappearance. Western media and experts be-clown themselves again.
8. Christian Science Monitor: Fred Weir, Putin’s disappearing act: Was he just trolling everyone?
9. Moscow Times: 82% of Russians See Steep Prices Rises as Nation’s Biggest Problem – Poll.
10. Paul Goble: Russian Elites but Not Russian People, Ready to Capitulate to the West, Kagarlitsky Says.
11. Russia’s documentary “Crimea – Way Back Home” video in Russian:
12. Crimea. The Path to the Motherland. Afterword.
13. Sputnik: International Media Hysterical Over Putin’s Comment on Nuclear Readiness.
14. Interfax: Kyiv calls for more pressure on Moscow to secure Crimea’s return.
15. Reuters: Kremlin rules out handing back Crimea to Ukraine.
16. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Politicians trade barbs over Crimea on anniversary. Putin’s press secretary responds to comments by Jen Psaki and Federica Mogherini on the status of the peninsula.
17. TASS: Political part of Minsk Accords for Ukraine harder to enforce than truce.
18. TASS: Poll suggests only half of Russians believe Minsk agreements are violated.
19. Interfax: Russia: All five men in custody charged with Nemtsov’s murder.
20. Interfax: All defendants in Nemtsov murder refusing to cooperate with police – source.
21. Moscow Times: Lawyer Claims Main Suspect in Nemtsov Killing Has Alibi.
22. TASS: Russian oil, gas production expected to decline by 2035 – media.
23. Ukraine cops get ‘shoot-to-kill orders’ amid unrest over army hit & run killing of 8yo.
24. Kyiv Post: Riots in Kostyantynivka after Ukrainian armored vehicle hits and kills a child.
25. Russia Insider: Dead Newspaper Editor Latest Addition to String of Mysterious Deaths in Ukraine.
26. Radio Liberty Fires Andrei Babitskiy for “Incorrect Position on Crimea”
27. Mark Adomanis, The Legatum Institute Thinks Ukraine’s Economy Improved In 2014. (Anne Applebaum and Peter Pomerantsev)
28. Wall Street Journal: Ukraine Finance Minister Seeks More Bailout Financing. Natalie Jaresko says security, political risks could push up debt-restructuring needs.
30. Reuters: Russia not ready to restructure Ukraine’s debt – FinMin.
31. Bloomberg: Ukraine Bondholders’ Tough Talk Signals Debt Deal Won’t Be Easy.
32. Sputnik: EU Unlikely to Lift Anti-Russia Sanctions Despite Lack of Consensus.
33. The Vineyard of the Saker: Rostislav Ishchenko, Kiev’s every move undermines the position of the United States.
34. Jews in Baltics fear creep of anti-Semitism.
35. Wall Street Journal: How Looming Recession Is Unsettling One of Russia’s Boom Cities. Ailing economy has rattled consumers and businesses, including in the once booming city of Kaluga.
36. Financial Times: John Lloyd, Civil society in Russia is bloodied but not buried.
37. Russia Direct: Artem Kureev, The real reason why Russia finally left the CFE Treaty. As might be expected, Russia’s full withdrawal from the CFE Treaty has resulted in a flurry of negative statements from Western politicians. But should we really be concerned about a treaty that was already showing signs of being obsolete?
38. Yezhednevnyy Zhurnal: Russian political scientist predicts purge of elites after Nemtsov killing. (Dmitriy Oreshkin)
39. Los Angeles Times: STEVEN PIFER, JOHN HERBST, WILLIAM TAYLOR, Kiev, not Moscow, should be the choice for marking V-E Day.
40. Reuters: Masha Gessen, Vladimir Putin’s absence proves chaos will be his only successor.
41. Los Angeles Times: Paul Stronski, How Nemtsov’s killing puts Putin in the crosshairs.
42. Everyday Neo-Fascism in Ukraine.
43. Der Spiegel: The Isolation of Donetsk. A Visit to Europe’s Absurd New Border.
44. William Hill: Ned Keenan.
45. Francis Boyle: Ned Keenan.
Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion