Interfax: Trump continues to follow pragmatic rather than ideological path – Kosachyov

Federation Council file photo

MOSCOW. March 1 (Interfax) – U.S. President Donald Trump’s statement before Congress about the need to search for new allies displays his pragmatic attitude, but a pledged growth of military spending and his position on Iran cause concerns, Federation Council international affairs committee’s head Konstantin Kosachyov said.

“America is ready to look for new allies in tackling new threats, so, Trump is still following a pragmatic rather than ideological path,” Kosachyov wrote on his Facebook account.

Trump said “not a single word about Russia” in his speech to Congress, he said. “It is still unclear what is behind this. I would like to hope that the danger of radical flip-flop moves only for the sake of favoring the audience was understood here,” Kosachyov said.

Trump’s first speech to the U.S. Congress was most apparently taken favorably rather than confrontationally, because it contained more conciliatory tones as compared with the U.S. leader’s recent public speeches, including his inauguration speech, he said.

“On the whole, he showed consistency: almost all key talking points of the election campaign were voiced again. The main thing is security (with an emphasis placed rather on the personal security of citizens), combating of crime and creation of new jobs. The counteraction to migration should be selective, of the Australian pattern – to attract those, who are needed for the economy. A trillion for infrastructure, support for business, and a wall for Mexico,” Kosachyov said.

“Among the more alarming issues: a pledged rise in military spending (one of the largest in U.S. history) and a tough position on Iran,” Kosachyov said.

On the whole, there was a feeling that the new U.S. leader sought more systemic support than that of his election campaign not only among his voters, but also from both Congressional parties, suggesting they reconcile for the sake of resolute steps to invigorate the economy.

“It looks like he succeeded in doing it to some extent, if judging by the first comments,” the Russian senator said.

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