Interfax: Russia gets no ‘3-stage normalization plan’ from U.S. – new ambassador

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MOSCOW. Aug 31 (Interfax) – The United States has not submitted any three-stage plan of normalizing relations with Russia, new Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov told the Kommersant newspaper in an interview.

“We have not received any ‘three-stage’ normalization plans from Washington,” Antonov said.

“By the way, we sent a document containing our considerations on possible steps towards improving relations to the United States back in March, in the course of preparations for the presidential meeting,” Antonov said.

“It put emphasis on the areas where our interests clearly overlap and where practical results can be rapidly achieved. In addition to the apparent field of antiterrorism, there is need for coordinating efforts of Russia and the United States in the suppression of other dangerous challenges, such as drug trafficking, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and cyber crime,” he said.

“We have been discussing those issues with U.S. partners, but it is not a secret that the new Washington team has not fully formulated its approach to many items of the international dossier. We also have to keep in mind the complex domestic political situation in the United States,” Antonov said.

U.S. media reported that such a secret document either existed or was being prepared by the Department of State in late June, before the presidents of Russia and U.S. met in Hamburg, Antonov said. “It allegedly urged Russia to abstain from aggressive moves against U.S. interests, help resolve the Syria situation in a way needed by Washington and deal with North Korea, and ensure the achievement of mutual political goals in the strategic stability area,” he said.