Interfax: Internal political struggle continuing in U.S. increases global political, economic tensions – Putin

Vladimir Putin file photo with VOA logo; screen shot from video still

BEIJING. May 15 (Interfax) – Russian President Vladimir Putin said he believes the continuing internal political struggle in the United States creates political and economic tensions worldwide.

“As we see, a bitter internal political struggle continues in the U.S., which creates some nervousness not only in politics, but also in the economy,” Putin said at a press conference following his visit to China on Monday.

“In the European community, everyone is following what will happen to Brexit with anxiety, how it will go and what the results will be,” Putin said. “And the European Union, as you know, has a lot of problems,” he said.

“And, of course, there is no doubt that any signals giving hope for some stability are highly welcome today, and the Chinese [One Belt, One Road] initiative is very timely and useful in this regard,” Putin said.

“It’s not China’s initiative anymore, it’s an initiative of the participants in today’s meeting, it aims at making such events permanent,” he said.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has suggested holding the next such meeting in 2019, Putin said.

“Time will show how efficient this will be. But everything we talked about works this way or another, we are working on it this way or another. It’s just that these situations, which anyway occur in reality, are being institutionalized in a certain way,” he said.

During an earlier roundtable meeting, Putin supported the One Belt, One Road project proposed by Xi Jinping to create an economic development and mutually profitable trade belt between Asia and Europe.

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