From Tatiana Stanovaya: “Exclusive analysis about Russia; New project dedicated to Russian politics”

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Subject: Exclusive analysis about Russia
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2018
From: Tatiana Stanovaya <>

New project dedicated to Russian politics

Dear colleagues,

I would like to present you a new issue of analytical Bulletin #2(3)2018 «RUSSIAN POLITICS. Unvarnished and Undiluted».

Main headlines:

The Kemerovo fire. What impact it will have on the FSB’s growing role?

Ziawudin Magomedov and the “Summa” group. Arrest of the businessman with close ties with Dmitry Medvedev and how is it related to the personnel reshuffling in the “Transneft” leadership.

Aman Tuleyev and the new Kemerovo governor Setrgei Tsivilyov: how was Gennady Timchenko involved in the appointment process?

The number of local points of protests in Russia is growing. Signs of regime’s fragility.

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You can download the previous issues of the Bulletin#1(2)2018 and Introductory issue Bulletin#0(1)2018 on our website for free.

R.Politik is designed for people who care about general political trends in Russia, and who are also interested in details of conflicts within the elites, foreign and domestic policies decision-making mechanisms, and specific reasons for political appointments. We don’t pass judgment, but seek to illuminate the essence of the events. R. Politik project has no ties whatsoever to the Russian government, to financial entities or media linked to the Kremlin, or any other government.

R.Politik prepares twice a month an analytical bulletin about Russia.

Next analytical bulletin will be published on April 17.

I hope that you will find our analysis useful.

Thank you,
Tatiana Stanovaya,
Founder / CEO
R.Politik, a political analysis firm.